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How is it administered?

The C.L.R.A.M. is a fully autonomous non-profit Employer Association, which is managed by an Executive Director who reports directly to a Central Board of Directors. The Association is comprised of 18 different Trade Divisions (Mechanical, Electrical, Carpentry, etc.) which all have their own distinct collective bargaining agreement.

Each Trade Division elects a Director of the Division to sit as a full voting member on the Association's Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is headed up by a seven person Executive Committee which is comprised of the Executive Director of the Association and six Directors from the Board of Directors ensuring that all broad trade distinctions are represented (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, General Contractor and Table Officers). The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis and the Executive Committee conducts monthly meetings. An Annual General Membership meeting is held each year in the month of February to review the Associations annual activities and approve all Annual Financial considerations for the year completed as well as the upcoming years operating budget.

When a new Employer (Contractor) joins the Association, the firm is assigned to one or more Trade Divisions depending on the number of specific Construction Trade Unions the firm is certified with. Each member firm within each Trade Division may cast one vote at Trade Division meetings when required.