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C.L.R.A.M.'s main objectives

  • To act on behalf of the unionized construction industry in Manitoba which employs approximately 15,000 individual tradesmen.
  • To act as a central body or umbrella organization for unionized construction industry employers in Manitoba.
  • To act as the main lobbying voice for unionized construction industry employers in Manitoba to the provincial and federal governments.
  • To assist & advise construction industry employers in the area of labour relations between themselves and their employees.
  • To function as the bargaining representative for employers in respect to all labour relations matters in the unionized construction industry.
  • To promote and regulate sound labour relations practices on the part of its members and trade unions.
  • To bargain collectively for the employers in the Manitoba unionized construction industry including negotiating and administering the Collective Agreements on a province-wide basis.
  • To advise on grievances, to assist or represent a member upon request in any arbitration or Manitoba Labour Board proceeding.
  • To conduct research, compile and distribute statistical information for negotiations and general distribution.
  • To act as a Management Trustee on Building Trade Health & Welfare & Pension Trust Funds as well as Education/Training Trust Funds.